Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corn On the Cob (actually Corn OFF the Cob)

Nothing beats Sweet Corn season in the Midwest…and nothing is more aggravating than corn remnants stuck in your teeth…arrrgh.  So many years ago I started stripping the cobs while hot onto my plate.  Over time the family decided that this was what they wanted so essentially we don’t serve corn on the cob very often…we serve corn OFF the cob.  Mix in a substantial slathering of butter and your choice of either a Vegetable blend like a Paul Prudhommes Vegetable Magic OR just some plain ol’ Garlic Salt and your ready to serve.  Also, we refuse to boil our corn in a pot so all our fresh sweet corn is cooked on the grill, sometimes in foil, sometimes in the cob and sometimes naked on the grid.  Regardless, there is nothing better than Sweet Corn with some beef on a hot summer weekend night!  Keep On Eggin’!