Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hamachi Appetizer

Hamachi (young yellowtail):[i] Yellowtail is the common name of a number of species of a migratory fish similar to the tunas known as amberjack.  Himachi is a Japanese variety and is one of our favorite varieties in sushi if your local sushi bar offers this variety.   For this cook we used a sushi grade Hamachi and specifically the area around the pectoral fins which is considered the tastiest part and is often set aside for special customers at our local Sushi Bar.  
Although varieties of yellowtail are plentiful domestically Hamachi are usually flown in frozen from Japan, where they are raised in hatcheries and harvested when they weigh between fifteen and twenty pounds -- just right for sushi. Domestic yellowtails are usually too lean to qualify as sushi grade.

        1 – Sushi Grade pectoral fin section from a 15 Lb. Hamachi
        Cornstarch and EVOO

1.    Trim off skin and cut into pieces for quickest cook.
2.    Lightly coat the Himachi in cornstarch.
3.    Heat griddle on big green egg and coat with EVOO
4.    Place Himachi on griddle (I used the Emile Henry Flame Top Griddle) and brown, turning once then remove and serve immediately.
5.    Optional - you can cook the entire section in one piece, skin on but it must be cooked under much lower heat.