Saturday, February 12, 2011

Missouri Legacy Beef - Organic and rich in flavor!

Made a quick trip to the Farmers Market to pick up Valentines Night Dinner (Kansas City Steaks) and to stock up on our favorite cuts of Missouri Legacy Beef .

MLB is as tasty and tender as traditional corn-fed beef with the health benefits of grass-fed beef.   We recently visited Mark and Susie on their ranch to see first hand how they raise their beef.  We found out that Mark follows the blood lines of his cattle and in doing this it allows him to select the best cattle.  He then supplements their diets with a high fiber ration which results in beef that has the wonderful taste you expect and desire! 

Their diet also increases the Omega-3 oils and CLA’s which serves to make the beef healthier.  By using this wonderful beef product you are not only enjoying the best beef around, you are also supporting a vanishing art and making a statement about how food should really be ~ healthy, sustainable, and full of taste.

"The craft of family ranching lives on! My grandfather would be proud. We ranch the way he did, on open pastures.” MARK MAHNKEN, 3rd generation rancher, Mahnken Farms, Missouri Legacy Beef.