Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rosle Kettle Grill - Ash removal made easy

Ash Removal
It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it…cleaning the grill; specifically the job of removing the ash in this case.  The Rösle kettle grill engineers have clearly put a lot of thought into this step and it is quick and painless as demonstrated in the pictures below.  It's a five minute job, tops!

Step 1 – Remove the Cooking Grid and Charcoal Grid from the Kettle.
Step 2 – Open the bottom damper to full flame setting (opens up the largest slots in the bottom of the kettle)
Step 3 – Sweep the ash into the openings where it drops into the ash collector.
Step 4 – Remove the ash collector and dispose of ashes.
Step 5 – Return the ash collector and grids into place and you are ready for your next cook.
Rookie Mistake - Notice the two handles; one is for the damper set to full air flow, the other is the handle to the ash pot.  If you reach down in a hurry you CAN grab the ash pot handle and release it fairly easily during the cook.  You'll only do it once however and only when the damper is in this position.  It was a surprise when I did it, LOL.