Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rösle Kettle Grill Accessories 101

As you grow from novice to enthusiast to expert the thing that you will learn is that the proper combination of accessories and cookware is essential the maximizing your grilling experience.   Rösle makes that easy offering a multitude of accessories (over 30 currently) for their new Kettle grill.   As your cooking skills evolve you will quickly begin to identify the accessories that best fit your style and compliment your recipes. 
In  my continuing series of reviews of the new Rosle Kettle Grill, tonights installment is about the basic accessories required for a good start and enjoyable experience with your new grill.  Pictured here are a few of the the initial/essential accessories that I have amassed for the 24” Rösle Kettle Grill so far, all of which I would classify as ‘early must-haves’ for your collection. Starting off this list is the Grill Cover. Owning a quality grill cover is the first of the must have accessories in your early collecting.  A good quality grill cover is required to protect your investment from the elements and extend the life of your grill.   Pictured here is Item #25021 Protective Cover for Kettle Grill 60 cm/24 in.  BBQ tools; no grilling is possible at all without a quality set of Grilling Tools and early on the ‘must have’ list are the Rösle Stainless Barbecue Turner (25050), Cleaning Brush (25053) and Tongs (25054).  These three items are made from high quality stainless steel and are rugged, balanced, good looking and most importantly functional. 
Also pictured here is the very functional Hook Set (5 pieces) designed especially for the Rösle accessory ring that circles the kettle and accommodate the BBQ grilling tools perfectly.   The cooking vessels and accessories that are most subject to your individual cooking habits include roasters, rib racks, skewers, aroma planks, thermometers, pizza stones, et al.  One very popular item however that makes the ‘must have’ list is a good quality chicken roaster.  Pictured here is the Rösle Chicken Roaster (25078) which has been featured in my previous posts demonstrating indirect cooking. 
Finally a good working surface is paramount to a great grilling experience.  Next on the ‘must have’ accessory list is the ingenious removable Shelf (25025).  This shelf adds an element of utility to your grilling experience by allowing you a place to sit plates, foodstuff, etc while grilling. 
The ingenious design of this shelf allows you to remove it and ‘self-store’ when not using (by hanging on the accessory ring) so the grill cover fits the grill for storage. The shelf arrives in a box and only requires the installation of three brackets with 8 screws (about 5 minutes from start to finish). 
As your list of grilling accessories grows your skills and satisfaction with your Rösle Kettle Grill will too!