Monday, August 20, 2012

Chicken Kabobs on the Rösle Kettle Grill

Tonight's dinners was actually more like, CHICKEN KA-BOMBS!

I had originally promised a follow up review of the Rösle Kettle Grill cooking INDIRECT but a sale on Chicken Breasts that was right next to the whole chickens I was prepared to buy for the indirect cook changed up tonights meal plan.  HOWEVER, using the Emile Henry Grill BBQ you really are using a cooking vessel that creates a barrier from the direct coals, so it is sorta-indirect because the kabobs are not directly over the embers.

Chicken KA-BOMB Ingredient
  • 4 Large Chicken Breasts
  • Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic
  • 3 Large Bell Peppers (1 each Yellow, Green and Red)
  • 1 Large Yellow Sweet Onion
  • A large handful of Cherry Tomatoes
  1. While cutting the breasts and veggies into chunks you can heat up the Rösle to high heat.
  2. I prefer to cut up the chicken a few hours in advance and sprinkle on a dose of PP's Poultry Magic and let it sit to marinate.
  3. Skewer the fix ins and spray EVOO into the EH Grill BBQ and load it up.
  4. Place the Grill BBQ on the grid and allow chicken to start to simmer (3-4 minutes) then turn all kabobs and close lid
  5. After 5-8 minutes, open the lid and turn again, close lid and allow to cook until done )5-10 minutes maximum, vents wide open and at a dome temperature of about 300 degrees.  Remove and serve.
Pictured with the Rösle Kettle Grill are the accessory hooks, the grill brush, spatula and tongs (all stainless steel) which are a necessity for starting out with your Rosle Kettle Grill all available in this link to the Rösle Rösle Kettle Grill Catalog. You can also view them online at this Rösle USA BBQ Grilling Tools web page.