Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bluebirds in training...

We built this Bluebird feeder a few days ago and it is designed to allow only bluebirds to enter to get the special worms we put inside it. To get them to use it they have to become familiar with the device. It has two holes in the sides for them to enter when the lid is closed and the glass is placed in the front.

Initially you put the worms in the feeder with the glass and lid removed (or proped open) so they "discover" the worms. Over a couple of weeks, you replace the glass and then eventually close the lid. A couple of days ago the bluebirds discovered the feeder and now we have moved to replacing the glass and next week the lid will close. These birds are known to stay in the area during the winter so when the lid is closed they will be able to enter and exit the box from either side and have worms all winter long.