Saturday, March 15, 2014

Baking Bread on the Big Green Egg (and Ribeyes)

Steaks and Bread with a we REALLY need anything else?  Tonight it was finally nice enough to blow the dust off the Egg and do a couple of cooks.  First up, a Italian Herb Fleischmann's mix prepared in my Emile Henry Bread Cloche...I FORGOT to put in my platesetter so the bottom was overcooked but the bread was amazing regardless.  


Followed that with two Bone In, but Bone Removed Rib Eyes (Sustainably raised by Missouri Legacy Beef).  Finished it was some creamy rice and the EVER present Green Onions and a beer.  Nothing left but dirty

Shown here after one side seared...a little Dizzy Pig Steak magic recipes tonight.  Here's my Rig...dirt and all for those of you that have never laid eyes on my baby... LOL.