Sunday, November 18, 2012

Note to self: Turn on the correct burner when cooking indoors!

Started out to do one of my infamous 'cook our entire meal outdoors' and even fired up both grills for the first time ever.  Used my Egg (for the pie and the potatoes) and the Rosle for the chicken breasts.  Unfortunately I changed course because it got dark and my lighting issues haven't been resolved yet so I put a can of corn on the stove in a pot instead of on the grill...this is where it all went terribly wrong.

Note to self.  Never put a porcelain pie dish on a electric stove burner to cool and turn on the same burner (thinking you had another burner on). You guessed it, put the pie on the stove to cool and turned on the WRONG burner for my 38 cent can of corn...My Emile Henry 11" Pie dish and contents are on their way to the dump.  Broke my heart. 

The Chicken and potatoes were awesome however and I am really loving this Rosle Kettle Grill more and more with every cook.

Used Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic on four large bone in breasts, cooked indirect on teh Rosle.  Put up the pie on the Egg in my EH pie dish and followed that with some scalloped potatoes and finished off the night with french bread in the Egg.  Overall it was a great meal, but the pie cost about $70 and we didn't get a single bite, LOL. Keep On Eggin'