Sunday, October 28, 2012

Garlic Tabasco Steaks

Nice to be back cooking on the grill again after a couple of weeks off. While cleaning out the freezer I found 4 mismatched, rib-something steaks of various sizes and shapes for dinner tonight. Marinated three of them in the McIlhenny TABASCO Garlic Grilling Marinating sauce...Bottom line, the steaks were great, the effect of the marinade, not impressive.  I was expecting a touch of hot and garlic, it basically cooked off.  I basted late in the cook as well.  I think it makes a better steak sauce probably.  Might be the cook, but this stuff just burned right off, almost immediately.   The taste of the sauce is great.  As a marinade it might work better on a pork tenderloin or something.  Hey, not EVERY cook turns out perfect...served with Succotash and baked potatoes with toasted garlic parsley hot dog buns.  The beef was free range.