Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tomahawk a.k.a. Flintstone Steak

Cooked to PERFECTION; Indirect  on the Rosle Kettle Grill at 350 degrees approximately 60-75 minutes from lighting the coals; resting the meat and EATING (sorry no pics).  This just under Three (3) Pound Missouri Legacy Beef Tomahawk Steak cooked through (thawed and started at room temperature because cooking this from frozen would be a CRIME). 
Seasoned (rubbed) with my newly revised Jailbreak Steak Rub (I now roast the seeds before grinding) the results were enhanced even further by the improved spice blend.  The price of this piece of art would scare away a newbie maybe, but if you're careful with the temperature and the set up (indirect) and you constantly monitor the temperature with a electronic thermometer you only have to turn this meat ONE TIME after about 30 minutes...DO NOT be tempted to peek at the meat,  you loose momentum on the cook.   
I've gotta invest in some lighting for these pictures...this picture does NOT do justice to the final product... Follow me also on Facebook at Keep On Eggin'