Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Toys for the Grill! (and the sidewalk is 133 degrees btw)!

Held out for the entire grilling season at Dillard's and finally got this at 50% off retail and 40% off clearance...almost makes it disposable!  The use for this on the egg will be primarily when I am using the griddle or other items where a surface temperature would be of benefit. 

And at those kid of prices adding it to my collection of thermometers was justified (as I am trying to convince my wonder wife returning to the car and from my warped sense of "Grillin' Toys world").  Looking for some new cooks for the weekend but with these temperatures I'm probably going to settle on something FAST...maybe a Wok Chicken recipe or something. 

Stay Tuned and thanks to all of the new followers on my FaceBook site    Keep On Eggin'   

P.S. I hope all those new gadgets I've been playing with on the blog here aren't too much of a distraction; I love the traffic and the comments and emails I receive from everyone.  And I love following some of you  with cooking sites too!  Unfortunately I had to limit comments  on my posts to only members to cut out spam posts but some of the most common requests were to be able to print the blogs so that's done now with the printer friendly button.