Monday, July 11, 2011

Guy Fieri Knives - My set is now complete!

Received my Knuckle Sandwich Cleaver today; completing my set of GF KS Knives.  After trying out a couple of knives given to me by a dealer, I dove in head first and bought the rest, one at a time until the set was completed. 

Hey, I admit it, I'm hooked on Diners, Drive-In's and I couldn't help myself.  The t-shirt was a gift for a delayed son won't let me wear it out of the house however.  Knives are a personal preference purchase but this set is turning out to be a great mid-range priced carbon steel set that seem to keep a really nice edge and are well balanced (in my hand).  Next year it will be something else...but for now the Wusthof's go into the mothballs...

*'text borrowed from"

Knuckle Sandwich Knife Run Down *

  • The blades are precision heat treated to 56RC to keep a great edge
  • Patented ergonomic design is created to be an extension of your hand for natural comfort
  • Made of high carbon German stainless steel (X50CrMoV15) for stain resistance
  • Full tang and abbreviated bolster adds strength and balance
  • Hollow ground ovals in blade promote less stick and smoother cuts

The Story Behind My Knives

“In 2007 I met the designers of Ergo Chef at a gourmet show. I used the cutlery on stage during my demo and was given a set to take home. After a year of wear and tear in my kitchen - trust me it can be a knife gauntlet - I was hooked on the quality and design of Ergo Chef’s product. Before I knew it, I was teaming up with them to develop my own collection. We sketched a range of designs lookin’ for the select few that really rocked technically and aesthetically

I’m a Hot Rod guy who knows that in order to do car-building right, you need high quality performance parts. The same idea applies to cooking, so the right knives are key. My product features a combination of the best materials with a design that will blow your mind!
As a chef, restaurant owner, and TV personality, I have high expectations for my equipment and these knives meet and exceed all of them. I’d like to thank everyone who brought these knives to reality.!”