Saturday, June 18, 2011

Customer Service is alive and well is SOME companies still today!

Customer Service is ALIVE AND WELL at the Homer Laughlin China Company a.k.a. FiestaWare and Cambridge Silversmiths, Ltd! .  Let me tell you about this (rare in today's world) fabulous customer service experience. 

For my wife's recent birthday I purchased a couple of sets of Fiesta's Masquerade Flatware along with all of the serving pieces, etc.  Shortly thereafter, as you can see in the picture above the little epoxy squares started to come out in the dishwater.

So, armed for war I emailed HL's customer service department.  WIthin 24 hours I was referred to Cambridge Silversmiths, Ltd. Customer service (they manufacture this produce for HL under the Fiesta trademark.  I'm thinking, okay here we go, handoff number one.  NOT!  I came home from work to find a message on my maching from their customer service department.

So, again, I took some deep breaths and dialed.  I asked for the person that had left the message, and surprise number one, she answered the phone.  I calmly described the problem and before I got very far she said to me, "Mr Hall, we are aware of this problem and if you will allow me a minute I will explain."  I acquiested.  She continued to say that the first batch of this flatware had a problem with the process used to apply the epoxy that had been resolved. And that I clearly had a batch of the originals."  She continued, "I understand that you purchased two 20 piece sets, so here is what is going to happen. We just received our first replacement shipment of the newly designed flatware from Cambridge.  I will put your name in line for it to be replaced.  You should expect your package to go out next week." 

I indicated that was wonderful and I was very impressed but how was I going to get the silverware back to her without incurring any cost (still looking for a fight).  She continued, "in that same box will be a shiping container (it also contained the tape necessary to seal the box, OMG) that you will place your silverware back in.  If you will be so kind to open the new silverware immediately upon receipt and pack up the old, Federal Express will return in two days to pick up the box, there is no paperwork required and you do not have to call for the pickup."

I hung up the phone speachless....Customer Service is alive and well at least in some small pockets of this world yet. 

Well, as evidenced by the picture on the right above, the flatware arrived today and the box is on the porch waiting for FedEx...