Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Big Green Egg Blogsite Turned 3

     I was reviewing some statistics in Google Analytics about traffic and views on this blogsite (what a nerd thing to be doing on the weekend at 2 in the morning) when it dawned on me, this blog turned 3 years old March 19th!  Wow.  So I thought I would share some comments and then a few of the statistics from the site just for kicks in celebration! 
     In the early days the posts were awful!  Even today an occasional off topic post sneaks in however the purpose was always to develop relationships with other grillers and eggheads so I could learn to be a better cook and hopefully do the same for others. 
     So, where does the traffic  on this blog come from? Search Engines (69%), Referring Sites (usually links on other peoples websites or blogs (21%) and Direct Traffic (people that have the site saved in their favorites (10%).  Other than the home page which receives 42% of entry level page visits, my BGE Large Table Plans and Beer Bum Chicken  pages receive about 3% of the direct hits each. 
     Google searches for the word ORGANIC have sent 89,000 people to this blog while Yahoo and Bing run a far second place on searches resulting in visits.  Key Word Searches used to find this site 'Big Green Egg Recipes' has sent another 12,000 here.
     This blog has been visited from 141 countries over the three years we have had between 265 - 289 visitors per day with the first couple of years being pretty slow.  The high visit days now are in the 600 range with an average of nearly 400 hits per day on Saturday and Sunday, (the days I typically cook and post).
     This is one crazy hobby I've picked and the hours spent at the computer, with the camera, food prep and recipe writing have all been a ton of fun.   This has all grown into my new current obsession, my cookbook. Currently under a MAJOR revision I published early and was not happy with the formatting, etc so I'm doing a 100% ground up rewrite while continuing to steal recipies from you all for content, ha. --Tony

     So I guess we'll set out for another three years and hope you all keep coming back, commenting and sharing with your friends while I try to keep this interesting!
     Keep On Eggin'