Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Big Tree

Big Tree as it is referred to by the locals or otherwise known as McBaine's 'big tree'. This was on my honey-do list for the weekend, a 20 minute drive to see....a big tree. McBaine is a town of 17 people with 12 houses, on the way there you pass through some areas that could have been the background for the movie Winter's Bone (oh yes, that WAS based in Missouri). For you tree buffs, it is a really big tree, 90 feet in height, 3-400 years old, 24 feet in circumance and about 8 feet in diameter. We had to wait for about 20 minutes to get a picture while a Boy Scout troop posed for about 678 pictures or decide to include them in our family picture album. That little red spot is Jenny...

Further down the road I took this picture of a Boat Grave Yard...posted NO come plant six boats in your yard and you don't expect people to stop and climb the fence to take a's right next to Coopers Landing (home of a famous Thai restaurant) by the way on the Missouri River.