Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flat Iron Stir Fry in the WOK on the BGE

This meal was prepared from TOTALLY sustainable, organic ingredients with the exception of the sweet and sour sauce and wok oil. All veggies and meat were chemical free.

Missouri Legacy Beef Flat Iron Steaks...thought we would try something different so we pulled out the veggies and the Wok and cooked up some great stir fry.
Used about 2 ounces of Wok Oil and added about 14 ozs. of Flat Iron Steak sliced into stir fry size pieces.

Added 1 orange and 2 green bell peppers. 7 green onions, 5 sliced fresh cloves of garlic and fresh sliced white mushrooms. Added House of Tsang Sweet and Sour Sauce (1/2 bottle) and stir fried for about 5 minutes, removed and plated it up for eats. Added some garlic italian bread.

AMAZING ! Next time I might add some brocolli and/or some sliced water chestnuts. Keep on Eggin',