Friday, March 27, 2009

Wine Cellar and Bistro in Columbia is DEVINE!

Okay, I know you are looking for BGE recipies...but remember, my egg hasn't moved to Missouri yet...however the day is nearing!
In the meantime I've been trying out a lot of the restaurants in town and one that I have been to three times now is The Wine Cellar and Bistro on Cherry Street, downtown Columbia. They have a seasonal menu that changes four times a year and right now they have a penne pasta dish to DIE for as well as a great wine selection.
Now the good news...the movers will deliver a special crate just for the BGE and in just a little more than a week it will be sitting on my back porch here in Columbia and "I'm BAAAACK!" Can't wait, although I see that lump has increased about 25% in cost, this eating out and microwave cooking is getting old so keep checking in and KEEP ON EGGIN'