Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kabob Give Away Winner!

Congratulations to Richard from Florida the winner in my Kabob GiveAway sponsored by Emile Henry and Missouri Legacy Beef. A little bit about Richard, he's an avid member of who grew up in Albuquerque NM and then split time between there and Guadalajara Mexico '55-'60. He's been cooking with Lump since 1968 when he bought his first Kamado in SE Asia '68. He owns 4 BGE's now and is currently using a Tao Street Wok Cooker a lot in his cooking (pictured here). He's known for cooking for friends and family most of his adult life and he has 6 different spices that I make for friends and family (don't ask, he doesn't sell them).  Congratulations Richard, your prizes (Emile Henry Grill BBQ Kabob Grill and Missouri Legacy Beef is on it's way...oh yes, and a limited edition copy of my imfamous Keep On Eggin' cookbook.