Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mayo Potatoes

This recipe can be prepared in advance of grilling and chilled in the refrigerator as much as 24 hours in advance.  We chose to grill and toss them in a vegetable basket but these would be GREAT on skewers as well.  This recipe was prepared in conjunction with our Grilled Pork Chops with Basil and Garlic Rub.

       2 – 2 ½  Lb. Red Potatoes (organic) Medium to Small
       ¾ Cup EVOO Mayonnaise
       2 Tbls. Grey Poupon mustard
       ½ Tsp. Fresh ground Black Peppercorns
       2 Tbls. Fresh grated Parmesan Cheese

1.    Wash potatoes and prick with a fork then place in microwaveable casserole dish and add water then microwave until tender
2.    Quarter the potatoes after they cool and in a separate bowl mix the EVOO Mayo, the Poupon Mustard and the pepper.
3.    Add the potatoes and mix well.  Dump on the parmesan cheese and set aside for grilling or chill for later. 
4.    When ready to grill; preheat the BGE to 375-400 degrees; with grid; Dump potatoes into vegetable basket and toss continuously until heated throughout.  Remove and serve.