Saturday, June 23, 2012

ENTRIES ARE CLOSED Grilling Kabob Giveaway

Thanks to Emile Henry and Missouri Legacy Beef I am able to offer you the opportunity to win a fabulous set of gifts in my Grilling Kabobs Contest.  Pictured here are the prizes being donated for this contest.
  1. One Grill Barbecue from Emile Henry and
  2. Four (4) pounds of Free Range “Kabob Cut” beef from Missouri Legacy Beef
  3. In addition the winner will receive a DVD copy of the latest revision of my 320 page Keep On Eggin’ my cookbook dedicated to recipes prepared on the Big Green Egg. 
  4. All entries will receive 
    1. A complimentary code/coupon for free shipping on your first order from Missouri Legacy Beef.   
    2. A promotion code from Emile Henry good for 25% off our first retail online order, excluding sale merchandise. 
Your task is to describe in one or two paragraphs WHY you should win the Kabob Giveaway...pure and simple.  Anonymous comments will be deleted without being read. 

So while we are still not requiring the traditional ‘sign up for my blog or FB page’ game you will have to at least write a comment below or on  my KeepOnEggin Facebook page to be entered into the giveaway.    Thanks for stopping by!!! 
Contest Rules:
1.    Contest open to all residents of the Continental United States.  
2.    Entries will be accepted from the date of this posting until July 15th at 6 PM CST.
3.    All entries must be comments on this post or on my Facebook page where this contest link originates.  No anonymous comments will be opened unfortunately.   
4. All entries will be judged by our family on creativity and all decisions will be final.
5. The winner will receive prizes shipped directly from those donating the prizes; no PO boxes allowed. . 
6. The Blog owner reserves the right to publish the winning comment, name or nickname of the contest winner on this blog-site.  
7. Winner will be notified by email and the winner will be notified and announced no later than July 31, 2012. 
8.   Disclaimer(s): This is a hobby and a contest ran for fun only.  However the Blog author does reserve the the right to block or reject any and all comment for any reason.  Blog author receives NO compensation from Emile Henry or Missouri Legacy Beef nor are any current advertising revenues received.  Individuals interested in knowing who wins the contest must monitor this blog site. 

Emile Henry BBQ ceramic, for healthy summer cooking...

A new line in 2012 for a new trend: natural, refined cooking on the barbecue. Our new BBQ ceramic has been designed to grill your meat in a healthier way and for cooking more delicate ingredients such as fish, seafood or vegetables.
Extremely resistant to heat, our BBQ ceramic can reach 500°C/930°F. It heats as well as cast iron, but diffuses the heat more gently so the ingredients do not burn as quickly. Thanks to its solid surface, our BBQ products do not let the fat drip onto the hot embers, creating toxic fumes.  The result is slow, healthy cooking without any additional fat, which preserves the nutritional qualities and vitamins in the food.
Our new grill stone makes cooking on the barbecue easy and versatile. Our BBQ ceramic protects your meat and vegetables from the direct flame and you can cook your kebabs evenly and naturally placed in the provided slots. You can also use it for simply grilling your food: by diffusing the heat gently and evenly, the BBQ ceramic protects the nutritive qualities of your summer meals!   The items in our BBQ ceramic range can be used all year round, either in the oven or the microwave, and are easy to clean in the dishwasher.
My family and I produce the beef you will win in this contest.  It is as tasty and tender as traditional corn-fed beef with the health benefits of grass-fed beef. I select the best cattle and supplement with a high fiber ration, so the beef has the wonderful taste that I demand. Their diet increases the Omega-3 oils and CLA’s making the beef healthier. We are proud of our craft that was passed from generation to generation. By buying our beef, you are supporting a vanishing art and making a statement about how food should really be ~ healthy, sustainable, and full of taste.

Missouri Legacy Beef is free from Hormones, Antibiotics, Containment Farms, and Slaughter Mills  I select the cattle that have been bred to produce flavor and tenderness. And I use a high fiber supplement feed in addition to grass, this gives the taste of corn-fed. My cattle live on pastures and are never confined. They graze on grass and on a high fiber ration that gives them extra protein.

Being mostly grass fed, the cattle get lots of photo nutrients that you can’t get from corn alone. My beef tests high in Omega-3 and CLA, and nutrient content.  My cattle are not confined and never leave the farm until harvest, so they are kept disease-free and very healthy, the all-natural, old-fashioned way. My cattle don’t go to the slaughter mills but to a local butcher, where the beef is always kept separate and not exposed to mass contamination. The beef is processed and quick frozen on location providing you the safest beef possible.
Good Luck To All and KEEP ON EGGIN'