Saturday, April 28, 2012

Free Range Cheeseburgers!

Free Range Burgers with my infamous Jailbreak Steak rub mixed in, T-Rexed to medium rare with provolone. Simple and delicious.

Computer specialists a.k.a. nerds, refer to breaking the code to the operating system for a computer system as a ‘jail break.’ Cooks refer to cracking the code to recipes and spices as a breakout or a copycat.
I like to refer to this rub as a Jail Break…of course “if I tell you what steak rub this copycat recipe is formulated from I’d have to kill you” I think the common lingo goes.
Hint: A very famous high-end American consumer retail company that sells kitchenwares, furniture and linens with the initials WS no longer sells this rub! I was forced to break the code... 

Ingredients in Equal PortionsYou determine the size of the batch you want to create.
3 portions - Granulated Roasted Garlic (NO POWDERED GARLIC)
1 portion - Coriander powder (or two portions coriander seeds)
2 portions - Coarse Sea Salt (original recipe probably had 3 or more portions)
2 portions - Black Peppercorns (not ground pepper)
2 portions - Red Pepper Flakes (original recipe probably had 1 portion)
2 portions - Dill Seed
2 portions - Yellow Mustard seed
Put it all in a blender and grind into to medium coarse mixture. Shake mixture before applying each time you bring it out. Enjoy!