Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free Range Tri Tip

Forgot to marinade (actually that's a lie...I was too lazy) so I went simple and still ended up with a fabulous Free Range Tri Tip Missouri Legacy Beef tonight...Double Garlic Pepper as a rub; seared on both sides and removed for 15 minutes.  Leveled off the Egg at about 400 degrees and returned the TT until it was about 120 internal.  Removed and let set for 15 minutes.  Perfection!

Pictured here is 'Spike', he had been missing for almost 4 years.  He is a family 'pet'...he has been more places in North America than I have.  A few years back he had his own website.  We are SO excited he turned up during our move, we can not let him start to travel again!  Watch for his blogsite and facebook page this summer!