Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steak Rub - Our Jail Break Favorite


As noted in our original recipe Computer specialists a.k.a. nerds, refer to breaking the code to the operating system for a computer system as a ‘jail break.’ 

Cooks refer to cracking the code to recipes and spices as a breakout or a copycat.   I like to refer to this rub as a Jail Break…of course originally “if I tell you what steak rub this copycat recipe is formulated from I’d have to kill you” no longer applies. 

After exhaustive searches to purchase more of my favorite steak rub I can no longer purchase it directly or online.  So the journey to perfect a similar spice continued and this last and final recipe is particularly equal or maybe even superior in taste, finish and satisfaction.   

The changes in proportion and the substitution of Himalayan Pink Salt combined with the use of a Mortar and Pestle created the exact coarseness required to match the original.   Working in small batches helped as well.  This has become our replacement steak seasoning now outpacing our top three ‘famous’ retail rubs now when we grill out prime cuts like KC Strips or Ribeyes.   

Ingredients You determine the size of the batch you want to create, however if you use a portion of 3 as approximately equal to 3 Tsp. you will produce 2.8 ounces (or a couple of small spice bottles) full of rub.

        3 portions - Granulated Roasted Garlic (20 g or .9 Oz.)
        1 portion - Coriander powder (2 g or .1 Oz)
        2 portions – Himalayan Pink Salt (16 g or .6 Oz)
        2 portions – 4 Color Peppercorns (9 g. or .3 Oz.)
        2.5 portions - Red Pepper Flakes (8-9 g. or .3 Oz)
        2.25 portions - Dill Seed (6 g. or .2 Oz.)
        2.25 portions - Yellow Mustard seed (9 g. or .4 Oz)

The key is to find the correct coarseness while adequately mixing the spices.  The use of the Emile Henry Mortar and Pestle improved the first batch coarseness by replacing the blender mixing and grinding approach.  Store in a well sealed container and always shake mixture before applying each time you bring it out.  Enjoy!