Saturday, August 8, 2009

Country Bob's on the Big Green Egg

I don't do a lot of 'low and slow' but after picking up a couple of bottles of The Original COUNTRY BOB's All Purpose Sauce
it was time to find a good slab of baby backs and give it a try.
The only words that my wife and I can think of to describe the experience was 'delicious.' The ribs were cooked to perfection in a modified Kansas City style (which fits now that we are living in Missouri) and finished with about 40 minutes of basting with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.

Top it off with some locally grown sustainable sweet corn and home made potato salad, a couple of jalapenos and some green onions and the dinner was complete. The sauce is slightly sweet with maybe a slight hint of smoke and the balance of spices used made the perfect compliment to this piece of pork. The cook for this rack was approximately a 2-1-.5 at a dome temperature of about 280 degrees. Put them on about 2:30 and served them up right about 6:10 pm.

Next up...getting my hands on some of Country Bob's Spicy Sauce and Seasoning Salt...I'm not seeing any downside to trying those products next. This was truly a wonderful experience to one grillin' nut that likes cooking T Rex and One Dish style that doesn't do much low and slow at all; but may now be a convert. Keep On Eggin'