Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Green Egg Large Table Project - Reengineered

When I built my table originally (some of you may rember my posts on the 30 hour build) some fine forum member asked a question about the size of the casters I had selected. I gave them some excuse about not moving it much, blah blah...well, whomever that was, you were right...I twisted off one of the caster wheels two days ago trying to move the table in a hurry as the lightening was striking in the back yard...thus the modification project today.

Also, a few people had asked me to see more pictures of the extra shelf I had hung from the bottom of my original table build and I had never gotten aroudn to that so here are a few extra pictures of my table (also on my blog) of the removable end, the roll out drawers and the handing extra shelf.