Friday, July 5, 2013

Charcoal and Lump: It's not just for Grilling Burgers on the 4th anymore....

I just spent a couple of days cleaning the garage and it dawned on me that grilling out had at some point in my life literally become an avocation....remember the days of charcoal and lighter fluid, maybe some tongs and a spatula?  This is just my INDOOR accessories, and I just noticed this picture even cuts off the bottom of the cabinet.  I think I am possessed...and if you're out here blogging or following,  I'm thinking that many or most of you are TOO!.  Ain't it great!  Happy Grillin', maybe I'll actually cook and post this weekend.  We ate out on the 4th...sacrilegious I know. 

Keep On Eggin' 

(BTW, this doesn't include my cast iron or all the accessories hanging off my table shelves and grills...or my two door spice cabinet, or the pantry filled with grilling fixin's...I am seriously in need of grill counseling...LOL)