Friday, November 4, 2011

Emile Henry Pizza Stone Giveaway!

Enter my contest to win a Emile Henry Flame Ceramic Pizza Stone!
In celebration of our 400,000th hit Emile Henry has donated a Pizza Stone as a prize.  To win you must complete at least two of the following things.  Of course, the more you do the more changes you have to win.

1.     JOIN or Subscribe/Follow this blog = 1 entry (recommend JOIN because my RSS feed is broken currently)
2.     Go to my Facebook page  Keep On Eggin’ and ‘Like’ =  1 entry
3.     Go to the Emile Henry Facebook page and ‘Like’ then comment in the post about this contest = 1 entry
4.     Post a ‘LINK” on YOUR blog site back to THIS BLOG and send an email with the link = 1 entry
5.     Bonus entries…email me the closest number of blog posts that contain a reference to Emile Henry =  5 entries

The Pizza Stone is made of all natural materials and is manufactured using Emile Henry's proprietary Flame® technology. The Pizza Stone can withstand high oven temperatures. The glaze is micro-crazed contributing to crispy well-baked crusts, just like a pizza oven. The Pizza Stone is not recommended for use on the stovetop.   You can cut directly on the glazed pizza stone without damaging or scratching the surface. The Pizza Stone is easy to clean with soap and water and is dishwasher safe.  Designed for use: In ovens - conventional and convection; and can also be used under the broiler.

The Pizza Stone can be used on grills also; gas, charcoal, lump and natural wood.  The Pizza Stone turns a grill into an outdoor pizza oven. Read the raving review from Good Housekeeping on the pizza stone.