Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ramekin Pizza (Spaghetti style!)

I hate to be sooooo unoriginal but when something THIS GOOD shows up on the internet I just can’t resist adapting and then adding it to my cadre of recipes. 

However I would be remiss if I did not give credit for the origin of this cook and that inspiration once again that goes to Chris at NibbleMeThis.Com.

His adaptation of a Pizza Pot Pie recipe into his Spaghetti and Meatballs Pot Pie was one of his best posts ever and caught the eye of my entire family.  Now while it will be impossible to outdo that recipe (he made his own meatballs...) our adaptation below turned out to be WONDERFUL in their own right.  

        16-24 Medium pre-cooked Meatballs
        1 Box – Vermicelli/Spaghetti
        1 ½ Cups – Chunked Cheese (Mozzarella, Colby, Monterey Jack, Provolone combination)
        ½ - ¾ Cup – Mozzarella cheese, finely shredded
        16-24 Tbls. Spaghetti Sauce
        Garlic Butter
        1 Can – Pillsbury Regular Pizza Dough

1.    Start out by boiling salted water and cooking your vermicelli/spaghetti.  Remove and drain and set aside.
2.    Lightly grease the inside of ramekins (we used our Emile Henry 1 cup sized, 3 1/2” cups).
3.    Add Cheese crumbles in bottom of cup (to taste) than add two or three meatballs and 2-3 Tbls. of spaghetti sauce.
4.    Cover with Spaghetti and top off with a handful of vermicelli/spaghetti and top Off with a small handful of Mozzarella cheese. 
5.    Roll out Pizza dough and cut into 4 “circles (about ½” thick).
6.    Cover Ramekin and press over the edge  then coat with Garlic Butter
7.       Cook in oven for 18 minutes at 400 degrees or on the BGE, Indirect (plate setter legs down) at 450 degrees dome for approximately 13-15 minutes.