Saturday, April 2, 2011

Geisha Sushi Bar Spatchcocked Chicken

This Spatchcocked recipe is prepared utilizing a secret ingredient the ‘Ginger Salad Dressing’ custom made by the Chef Corey at Geisha Sushi Bar in Columbia, Missouri.  This recipe gives you a very simple method of cooking Bone-in breasts with rib meat chicken (or ‘Split’ breasts).  The origin of “Spatch-cocking” is allegedly 18th-century Irish and means "to butterfly"; it typically involves the use of a whole chicken with the backbone cut out; today it is also referred to as a “style of grilling.”  For purposes of this cook, we will stick with our favorite cut, bone-in breasts and the use of a Spice Rub instead of a Marinade.

3 Large Bone-in Chicken (skin on) 
12-16 Oz. Geisha Ginger dressing                                                                                      
Preparation and cooking
1.    Place split breasts in a 9 x 9 pan and cover in dressing, then cover in saran wrap and marinade over night.
2.    Fire up the Big Green Egg and stabilize around 375 degrees.  Remove breasts from marinade (keep remnants of the marinade) and place chicken cut side down directly on the grid (raised 2”) and close lid.
3.    Use a meat thermometer to track the temperature until it reaches 165 degrees and remove and let rest.
4.    In a sauce pan, make a White Wine reduction using the left over marinade to pour over the chicken when served.