Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wok ERROR !!!!

Okay, we have all undercooked, or overcooked a few things on the egg...but tonight I tried something that was TOTALLY INEDIBLE! My enthusiasm for WOK cooking on the BGE got the best of me tonight. I was cooking up a stuffed pork tenderloin (spinach, green onion and mozzarella cheese) and thought, hey, why smell up the kitchen with hot oil and fried potatoes? So, I grabbed the "Wok Oil" and hash browns and went to the egg. HINT...WOK OIL IS NOT GOOD FOR PAN FRYING's SOLE PURPOSE is for Stir Fry. The hash browns soaked up the oil and they tasted NASTY, even with a TON of Cheese melted on them...can you say hello incinerator? The tenderloin on the other hand was DIVINE!