Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Party for One on the Big Green Egg

There was NO WAY that a July 4th Holiday was going to pass by MY Big Green Egg without SOMETHING being cooked on it! So regardless that the family is spread all over the Northern Hemisphere...out I set this morning for for organic sweet corn, Strip Steak and Asparagus.
Broke out the EMILE HENRY 'FULL FLAME' pot my sweety just sent me for my Birthday and boiled up the water for the corn while the coals got up to T-Rex for th
e steak. I had previously frozen the asparagus and the thawing process breaks it down enough to allow you to boil it in EVOO and Minced Garlic...add a few slices of French Bread, some organic Green Onions and some SUPER Japalenos and you are done.

Oh yes, I used Dizzy Pig's COW LICK rub which has now taken over as my favorite rub after a year of being loyal to Bad Byron's Butt Rub...of which I will still use for MANY other cooks. Have a great FOURTH OF
JULY !!!