Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tenderloins and Friends

Tonight we had some good friends over for some tenderloin, wok shrimp and antipasto grilled veggies.

They dropped off a prime piece of tenderloin yesterday and I marinated it in Andy's Beef Rub after cutting it into 'dippin' or 'skewer' sized pieces.

The wok shrimp was my flour and Bad Byron's Butt Rub in Oil with garlic and onion (posted here earlier) as was the antipasto veggies with the EVOO-Balsamic-Garlic-Chili Sauce Pour Over sauce (also posted here earlier).

Pictured here is the set up from this morning...

I good time was had by all especially at dessert where the sham tarts were served with strawberries and real whipping cream...suppose I can do those sham tarts on the Big Green Egg????? May have to try that soon.

The Finished Shrimp and Tenderloins...