Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emile Henry Bread Cloche (coming soon)

Also known as an instant brick oven a bread Cloche typically consists of a stoneware bell or dome that fits over a wide, shallow dish with 1-3 inch high sides. They are known for out performing bread machines by a country mile.  Why?  Compared to other bread-baking mediums the cloche baker bakes larger, lighter loaves. When bread is baked on a sheet pan or preheated baking stone, the yeast in the dough is shocked by the intense heat and dies quickly. This limits the rise of the bread. In a cloche, the dough is protected from the shock of the heat, allowing the yeast to live longer and increasing the volume of the dough.
Endless possibilities...saving up those pennies to add this to my for it at Emile Henry USA.