Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barbeque Grill Grid Grime Gone

Say that five times fast...Most plated BBQ Grids get soiled after multiple uses and some like to clean them more than others.  This post provides a method for easily, and inexpensively maintaining a clean grid.  While this certainly isn't absolutely necessary if you prefer a shiny grid, read on.   
While high heat will discolor and damage the plating on all grids you can keep the build up off of the grid easier than scrubbing it with a brush or stone.  For those that like a nice dirty grid, ignore this post, LOL.
  1. Place your soiled, cooled grid in a large trash bag
  2. Dump in a cup of ammonia and seal the bag overnight.
  3. Remove the grid and wipe the rails with a clean rag.
  4. I like to coat my grids with vegetable oil before cooking and right after finishing a cook while the grid is hot.  There isn't any science behind this; it's just a habit and I rarely have things stick to my grid unless I don't attend the food properly. 
Note: I forgot to take a picture of the grid before placing it in the bag, but take my word it was a mess even after a good scraping after my last cook.