Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tomahawk (Flintstone) Ribeye Steaks

Bone In 'Free Range" rib eyes; a.k.a. Tomahawk or Flintstone steaks tonight from our favorite rancher Missouri Legacy Beef.  These were thinner than we usually order but they were Divine.  Used our homemade Jailbreak rub.

4 Tomahawk Steaks
Jailbreak Rub

1. BGE to T-Rex (full flame) with grid raised 2"
2. Sear, flip, sear and remove for 5 minutes.
3. Return and cook one minute each side, remove and plate

Also boiled up some fresh corn and a couple crab legs; French bread with garlic essence and butter with peas and sweet tea; ending the dinner with a Pinot Nior.