Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Green Egg Recipes Book DONE !!!!!

After many pre-releases and several hundred folks downloading previous 'versions' of my Recipe and Cookbook I am declaring this edition as the final FIRST EDITION PLUS 2.  298 pages of recipes, fun facts, charts, LOTS of complete dinners prepared exclusively on the BGE. 

This book is NOT the traditional list or recipes focused on Briskets, Butts, and is dedicated about 90% to just plan ol' Grilling good food.  Lots of WOK recipes, unique cookware demos, a fairly large compliment of organic ingredients when available, one dish meals, casseroles, et al all topped off with a lot of great information about grilling. 

The key now is to figure out how to get this puppy into yours hands.  Printing is offensively expensive so I'm thinking about distributing it on Thumb drives on PayPal at cost.  Down loading it from DropBox seems to be a problem due to the file size so I'm working on alternatives.  Stay Posted!!!!