Saturday, October 2, 2010

Should going GREEN require you to advertise for somoene for free?

Should going GREEN include advertising? I'll admit that while cooking on my BGE increases my carbon footprint*** significantly, we do try to be green, organic and sustainable as much as we can.  For example we use all organic beef, chicken and veggies whenever possible.

We also have two car trunks full of those canvas shopping bags (this is part of our attempt to at least act GREEN). Problem is, these bags, while nice, all include HUGE corporate logos and advertising on them.

I converted one of them...I think I may do the rest!  Maybe I should start a line of NON-advertising shopping any venture capital lying around? 
***For the carbon footprint purists:  Lump Charcoal produces about 13,000 Btu per pound and 7 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour and carbon dioxide is one of two primary types of greenhouse gases associated with this topic.   While us charcoal lovers tend to claim that when the charcoal is burned the carbon dioxide is returned to the atmosphere, closing a carbon neutral cycle, there is a very convincing argument to the contrary too.  Add in the use of propane weed burners or torches for instance to light a BGE and you have to add to that the fact that propane produces about 15,000 Btu per pound and 5.6 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour. Unfortunately propane is a non-reunable source of energy which takes you down yet another path for debate.  The REAL point however of my original post was the humor I saw in bags intended for 'green' use all contain advertising; slight but humor nonetheless, or less, or none.