Saturday, October 9, 2010

Big Green Egg Large Table (Winterizing)

Had a hour to kill this morning before we leave for the MIZZOU game against Colorado so I decided it would be a good time to clean the BGE table and winterize it with a new coat of stain. 
   I realized that while many people have named their Eggs' (mine is still sans name) I don't recall anyone naming their tables, so I coined the name 'The Chuck-Wagon' today...all I need is a small dinner bell and a conestoga cover and and hitch, ha. (I am looking for a small dinner bell!)
     It sits under a porch roof and under a cover (when I am not too lazy to cover it) but you know we'll cook on it rain, shine or snow, so keeping it up to par is key.  Anyone remember when I first joined the forum and posted my 30 hour table build (start to finish and first use)? Its out there in my earlier (2008) blogs...ADHD carpentry at it's best, Ha!