Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nothing Organic about a Food Sealer...but

I've been shopping Food Sealers for about two years.  Just could not pull the trigger.  So, last weekend, a local department store had a sale that included a 15-30% discount at the register ON TOP of the sale price.  So, I rushed over to the store to find the item was marked up by $30 (back to suggested retail) and sale priced to about $3 more than they had it marked before, and $40 more than their previous sale price.  Got it so far?  In essence, they had calculated that the BEST you could do was get within $5 of the internet price of this item...had they left the price the same,  you could have beat the internet price by $ me on the math.  Since this is the third time I have watched this store do this over the past year, I went home.  I also closed my account with them. 

Got on the internet and found THIS BEAUTY for $65, used three times...arrived this week and works like a wonder!  Glad I held out, now I bought this for less than half the internet price and one third what I would have paid the retail store.  And retailers wonder WHY their business is declining?  My Freezer is FULL of freshly vacuum sealed meat now!  Keep On Eggin'