Sunday, June 14, 2009

HyVee Ribeye and Cow Lick on the BGE

Okay, tonight's meal has only ONE sustainably grown item on it, the asparagus (thank you to the Columbia, MO Farmers Market); but hey, eating sustainably costs more!

I took the advice of my staff at the office and went to the meat counter at HyVee. They had convinced me that HV "has the BEST MEAT IN TOWN..." so how could I resist. So off to the market I went on Saturday for some veggies and then a quick stop by HV to pick out a steak. This 1.25" ribeye ($7.99 for 12 oz.) took my eye and I left with visions of fat dripping into my BGE.

Running low on lump I stopped by River Mist Spa and picked up a bag of lump and a bottle of Cow Lick Steak Rub by Dizzy pig. Came home, rubbed the pig into the meat and put it away for a few hours.

The results were very satisfying; having just polished off that steak I have to admit, that was ONE GREAT RIBEYE...and the Cow Lick may now be in my top two rubs along with my standard Bad Byron's.

Steamed the asparagus with minced garlic but again tonight I did some preparation in the kitchen (sac religious I know) by using my electric steamer instead of my wok and bamboo steamer...hey I was hungry! These pics come from my new Nikon D90 and I'm still working on using the settings so take it easy on the photo critiques...and...Keep On 'Eggin!