Saturday, April 5, 2008

Big Green Egg Damper Top Solution

Anyone that has used the Big Green Egg for long knows that unless you align that bolt on the top JUST RIGHT…when you open the lid you lose your setting (on the Damper Top) when you close the lid again…

The retailers will tell you that after hours of cooking it will gum up and stay in place (yuck), so not seeing that as an option I put on the old thinking cap and went to the local Big Box Hardware Section.

I purchased (what we call in the Midwest) a "Screen Door Spring" and a package of small “S” hooks (you need 2). Cut the spring off by about 2 inches. Latched the “S” hooks under the lid and attached the spring. I’ve played and played with different combinations and…It WORKS!
BTW, does anyone remember when you used to be able to go to the local hardware store and just by "2" S hooks (and not a package of some odd number of hooks you'll never use again), and they put them in a small manila bag, wrote the price on the bag and you paid with cash at the register? Oh my I am telling my age now!