Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spatchcocked Chicken

This recipe gives you a very simple method of cooking whole chickens on the BGE (or ‘Split’ breasts) in less time than it normally takes to cook them whole. The origin of “Spatchcocking” is allegedly 18th-century Irish and means "to butterfly".

Ingredients Recommended
1 Whole young chicken (Spatchcocked) Have the butcher do this for you!
Option 1 - Rub Substitute Cuban Mojo Sauce
Option 2 - Cuban Mojo Sauce Substitute Rub

Preparation Directions [1]
1. Spatchcocking the chicken: With a sharp kitchen knife or poultry shears, cut the backbone out of the chicken. Turn the chicken over and press and flatten. If you find that the chicken doesn't want to stay flat, you can use two skewers in an "X" pattern to hold it flat or,
2. Pull out your already prepared chicken or split breasts and place in a 9 x 9 or larger plan.
3. Marinate in Mojo for two hours in the refrigerator before placing on the grill.
Option 1: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Inject some Mojo into the individual chicken breasts!
Option 2: Rub with Cuban Style Mojo and let set overnight (in the fridge)

Cooking Directions
The Big Green Egg temperature should be stabilized at 3500
Place chicken cut side down directly on the grill
Expect to Cook a whole chicken for about 1 hour without flipping.
Breasts will take about the same amount of time but you should use a meat thermometer to track the temperature until it reaches 160 degrees (I know most guides say 170 -180 degrees but it will be dry!) because the breasts will be a little thinner than the split whole chicken

Recommended Side Dishes and DesertsBaked Potatoes and Corn on the Cob
Cuban (or French) bread heated up on the BGE with some Garlic Butter Spread
Jalapenos and Green Onions (with EVERY meal)!
Roasted Marshmallows for Desert over hot coals - ALWAYS!

[1] Most of these directions are ‘borrowed’ from The Naked Whiz (thank you)