Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Meat = Good Eats!

There are two mistakes people make when grilling after spending hundreds of dollars on a nice outdoor grill. First, they buy cheap meat. Second they compound this error by just slapping it on the grill (and no amount of steak sauce will fix either of those mistakes).

You shouldn't even fix your plain old standards like hamburgers with no thought or preparation so always plan ahead; Buy good meet and put some thought in to preparing even the simplest of hamburgers and your grilling experience will be much more rewarding each and every time.

Regardless of the meat that you plan on grilling you need to splurge on “the good stuff.” That means passing up the prepackaged beef and pork at the grocery store and driving directly to a full time butcher shop. You will get better, fresher and higher quality meat products well worth the delta in price (and sometimes it really isn’t that much more expensive per pound) versus the results you will receive.

Grilling out is not a race; it is an art...the art of preparing food well!