Thursday, March 3, 2011


The Big Green Egg Company Launches New EGGzilla
Largest EGG® ever to debut at HPBA Expo
(Atlanta, Georgia) For over thirty years, the Big Green Egg® has been known not only for producing amazing culinary results from the unique kamado-style cooker created by Ed Fisher, but for the many sizes - from Mini to XL – that are available to fit any consumer’s lifestyle. From tailgater to professional chef or backyard grilling aficionado, there is a Big Green Egg to meet any need and level of culinary interests.
While the food produced on the EGG is legendary, it’s the passion of Big Green Egg fans that has been the basis of the success of this amazing and versatile cooker. These EGG fans, affectionately known as EGGheads, have inspired a tradition of gathering and celebrating their favorite cooker at the annual event known as EGGtoberfest. This year, in a reaction to overwhelming demand for expanded capacity, the 13th annual EGGtoberfest doubled in size and moved to the infield of Atlanta Motor Speedway to handle the ever-growing crowd.
“After all these years of making the Big Green Egg better and better, and gathering together to share our enthusiasm for the EGG, we realized that although we had perfected the ceramic cooker, we were seeing demand for even more of a good thing,” commented Big Green Egg Founder and Chairman Ed Fisher. “Although we currently offer the Big Green Egg in five sizes, we are never satisfied. So, taking a cue from EGGtoberfest and the EGGhead community, we have decided to double the size of our largest EGG.”
Today at HPBA Expo 2011 in Salt Lake City, the company has unveiled the latest addition to its already impressive line with the launch of the new and unprecedented EGGzilla in a size that will stun the casual observer. EGGzilla measures twice the size of the already impressive XL EGG, stands 64” tall and provides over 1800 square inches of cooking surface. “After all these years of making the Big Green Egg the best ceramic cooker in the world, and introducing many innovations and patented improvements, we decided it was time to stretch our technology and capabilities and see how far we could go,” commented Big Green Egg President Ardy Arani at the announcement. “What you are looking at today is testimony to the fact that there is only one, original - and never equaled - Big Green Egg!”
In anticipation of twice the fun, the company is also introducing an 80# bag of its branded Natural Lump Charcoal to accommodate the massive culinary events that will sure to follow the launch of the newest EGG. “More and more, we are bringing larger and larger groups of people together over memorable meals and shared experiences, and we needed a larger than life EGG to accommodate all our fans and supporters. With the EGGzilla, we think we have succeeded!” added Arani.
In order to handle the warehousing requirements of the new EGGzilla, and to better service the exponential growth in sales that the company is experiencing, Big Green Egg recently opened an expanded Distribution Center near the company headquarters in Atlanta.


  1. Where do we get an Eggzilla and how much?!

  2. Promotional. Go to their website or facebook site to get the back story.

  3. Hopefully it is clear by now that this is a styrofoam promotional piece...