Saturday, July 25, 2015

CanCooker on the Rosle Kettle Grill (any grill indirect)

My latest toy for grilling is the Seth McGinn CanCooker.  The results on our test cook were AMAZING.  This goes onto my growing list of ONE DISH MEALS, my favorite way to grill.  I used a modification of their CanCooker Fan Favorite recipe.

  • 3 links of Pol-ska Kielbasa
  • 16 Oz. Mountain Dew
  • About 1.5 pounds of Red Potatoes (quartered)
  • Medium Onion, diced LARGE
  • 4 Garlic Cloves
  • 1 Lb. pkg of Baby Carrots
  • Two Ears of Sweet Corn (cut in half)
  • 3/4 Head of Cabbage (large head)
  1. Heated up the Rosle Kettle Grill to about 350 Indirect then prepared the ingredients. 
  2. Dumped the ingredients and topped with the Kielbasa, seasoned and poured over the Mountain Dew.
  3. Placed on Grill Indirect for 20 Minutes, Lid Down (my call) then converted to Direct and cooked for an additional 40 minutes, removed and let rest for 5 minutes.  
  4. Feeds about 6 but you would need another ear of corn
Note: there is an accessory rack for the bottom, I believe it it ABSOLUTELY necessary to keep the steam rolling and to keep things from sticking if the bottom gets too hot.  It cost extra, about $13.

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