Sunday, February 1, 2015


In our home it is Drummettes or nothing so wings rarely touch our grill.  There is nothing special about this cook other than the TASTE!  I like keeping it simple on the prep and the clean up on our weekends.

  1. Pre-seasoned the chicken with Paul Prudhomme's Poultry Magic and let set them in the fridge all afternoon in a gallon zip lock bag. 
  2. We fired up the Rösle Charcoal Grill with some Kingsford
  3. Starting with a 'semi' indirect cook on the outer edge of the grid, close the lid for a few minutes, then open and rotate the drummettes for another stent on the outer edge.  
  4. Once they brown, move them to the middle for finishing.  It will vary on the height of your grid and the temp of your coal, but this is typically under a 30 minute cook.

Complimenting this dinner was steamed fresh asparagus, seasoned with PP's Vegetable Magic and some farm fresh Corn on the Cob boiled in sugar water.  Set up some dipping sauces of your choice for the chicken and you're done! 

Here is the plating on our Emile Henry Dinnerware