Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beef Kabob on the Rösle Grilling Kabob Rack

Fired up the Egg for the first time this spring and prepared some Kabobs...simple and fast.  Using Missouri Legacy Beef Kabob meat (sustainably raised), Paul Prudhomes's Meat magic, some red bell peppers and Valida Onion.  Backed it up with some oven baked Indigo Blue Potatoes and fresh baked bread.  Nothing special about this recipe, I like things quick and easy some evenings after a long day of yard work and house renovations.  Keep On Eggin'

The set up was the grid, raised two inches with my extra fire ring on the Rösle Grilling   Kabob Rack with Skewers

Full flame on the lump which will get you about 450-500 dome if the lid was down.  Turned ONCE and total cook time was about 8 or 9 minutes.
Ended the evening with our first fire pit burn of the season too!